Shift into your highest timeline NOW

with the Pleiadians

Your'e invited to come with me on Star Journey # 2, where we will learn to shift into our highest, most beneficial reality. The Pleiadians are very high vibrational, positive star beings who will help us manifest our best timeline NOW! This is truly a magical, life-changing experience!

In this 2 hour LIVE channeled workshop, we will use different techniques like Akashic Record viewing, journeying, hypnosis, and light code activation to initiate the shift you into the life that you want.

As I am channeling information live in the moment, we are flowing openly with spirit to receive unexpected blessings and beings of light to show up!


  1. The original webinar from the livestream SAT, MARCH 13TH
  2. A downloadable video file from the original livestream
  3. 4 downloadable audio files (MP3), with different parts of the journey for easy replay.

🤩 What people say about Star Journeys

Amazing journey!

Our Cosmic Empress is very gifted and powerful. Guiding the whole team throughout this journey and connecting everyone's consciousness through visions, feelings, vibration and energetically.

A course that is mind-blowing. Thank you for everything that you do 💗 

Luna A. (Star Journey 2)

When we went to the Pleiadian healing planet, I saw tall skyscrapers made from crystal right in front of the ocean, there was a beautiful plaza with globe in the middle and I jumped to the ocean with the dolphins, it was crystal clear water. Felt so aligned and then on the one of the timelines when I was floating in the space, like I always do, I felt so Fearless, that is the feeling I wish to have in this planet lol. I saw the timelines I wish for, it was just super clear this time. And I got some super ideas for creating my healing city of light here in Florida, beautiful golden labyrinth for children to play hide and seek ... Thank you so much for your work and all you do!!!!!!!!

Andrea (Star Journey 2)

This was truly amazing just like the first journey couple weeks ago. Thank you Natascha for everything you do. 🌈

Mira A. (Star Journey 1 & 2)

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