You are invited to join me on a series of fantastical channeled journeys through the stars! You will feel your soul essence and remember who you are as a divine star being.

Let me help you awaken your soul memories and expand into your highest timeline!

Testimonials of Star Journey Experiences!

"In the journey, I found myself in a beautiful solar system with a sun of crystalline white light. I was surprised to find myself on a water planet. It is a little difficult to describe how it appeared but I can say that it appeared to be a magnificent translucent crystalline blue ball. i don't know if there was even an opaque core. I myself was a whale being. I cannot say if I was translucent as you described. I saw that I was iridescent, shimmering with amazing colors. I "struggled" a bit with the part of the journey where we were meant to experience our "home" and I guess that this was because the vast waters of the planet were my home. When it came to gathering with others, there was a profound sense of love and connection though it felt as though we rarely came together physically. As we moved away from the planet to take in the whole picture, I could see myself and the others of my kind spread out throughout the planet in a very conscious and intentional way. It was apparent to me that we were intimately connected to the water and each other so that there was no concept of separation. Our vibrations were transmitted through the waters in care and service for all life. Our bodies, in relation to the planet, looked very large. I couldn't tell if the planet was small or if we were huge. One reason I was given for being shown this life was that I have an innate knowing that, whether my vibrational offering is being transmitted through water or (in this current lifetime) air, it is a significant and essential offering. I have an innate knowing that all life is connected and distance is truly irrelevant. Clearly I embodied this in that whale lifetime and I am here to embody this again.

Thank you so much for that beautiful journey (and for all your inspiring videos). I'm truly looking forward to the journeys to come!"

Faith L. (Star Journey #1)

"I want to start by sharing with you my experience in SJ#1. I saw myself in a very tall and athletic Pleiadian body. (I am a female and I was also in a female body). I had very long and dark wavy hair. I had whitish-pale skin. I felt this body to be the optimum, and even though I was lean I felt my body to be very agile and strong. I also saw my face. I had big, green, almond eyes which were slightly inwardly tilted. I had a small nose and mouth. I felt like I had chosen my earth body to be similar to my starseed body, as I am a tall female with long dark brown hair. The face that I saw was very similar to my face now, but with Pleiadian features.

I also saw the house that I lived in. It was a small blimp-like futuristic looking living quarter. I was living in a futuristic and very technologically advanced city, but the city was somehow one with, and interwoven into what looked like a rainforest. I felt like we were one with nature even though we were so technologically advanced. Lastly I felt myself to be a healer and a warrior, but I haven’t seen any visions regarding it. it was just a feeling, or knowing.

I want to thank you for taking me on this journey. I felt so happy, and light, and saw that it isn’t all about this dense reality on earth. There is more beyond. So I derive strength from this fact ever since, and it is thanks to you."


Ece K. (angelictimes on youtube)

"A painting I commissioned that shows a little of what I pictured I looked like. "

I saw myself approaching a planet that was all ocean, completely dark blue. There was no land. I was swimming in the ocean and there was no one else on the planet. The planet was so lonely. I had no desire to swim underneath the water, but found that besides being an aquatic humanoid creature, I also had wings. Outer space was all around me - there was no sky. My head when it was not in the water was directly in outer space. When I was done swimming on that dark planet, I flew up to my home which was a floating crystal cave right above the planet. I lived there alone and didn’t eat, but drew energy from the huge, colorful, beautiful crystals which pulsed throughout the cave. I could breathe in space and it was like I was camping in the floating cave and the wide outdoors is outer space. I had no family, no guides....just complete isolation. It felt like I was a guardian of the planet and was just remaining there to be there for the lonely planet. I wasn’t lonely but felt the loneliness of the planet and swam in its ocean to keep it company. That was the whole existence. Im just wondering what it all means?

 Love, Mary Ann

"Before you even asked what color is the Unicorn, I caught a flash of iridescence with pink, yellow, orange sheen. When you were talking about light codes coming in to open ourselves I saw flashes of white light traveling along a nerve and I could feel myself breathing them in through my nose. When you asked what the vibration of the planet was that we were traveling to, I saw a green (very soft, not pastel if that makes sense) pulsing in a slower heartbeat rhythm, but when I pulled back to see the surrounding area (like an astronaut looking at Earth from space) it was a golden white (not pastel again) spiral, definitely lighter in density, and then my headphones made a beep and died and I was pulled back to myself. I didn’t really get an idea of what Starseed planet I was seeing/feeling, but Andromeda has been banging around in my head for a few days now and being a space lover Andromeda is a spiral galaxy, so it makes sense.

Thank you so much! I wish I could have been able to see my book of life, I saw shimmery light flipping like pages, but no actual pages, perhaps with time and practice!"

Dani, (Star Journey # 1)

"It was amazing the light from source was so bright coming from my left eye the strongest white light I had ever seen during deep meditation of any kind. Then it went to colors of orange shades I gave never had seen before, then blues of every shade, purples of every shade. My Polaris body was leathery like feeling I was very tall and arms were thin feeling, my eyes were yellowish orange, copper mixed with reds, very big looking through them. It made it very hard to focus on shapes and animals, birds foliage, trees, waterfalls huts in circles, burning fire was in center. But like I said I could feel it all but eyes were a blurt most of time their. Thank you thank you thank you for touching me and answering so much that makes sense to me now. Even the horn of unicorn touching my forehead was black touch was like a feather feeling to me it was a very colorful unicorn as well, elephant, eagles, owls, whales, mermaids, jelly fish, sea creatures. Namaste Bonita Natascha!"

P.M.G., Star Journey # 1

"When we went to the Pleiadian healing planet, I saw tall skyscrapers made from crystal right in front of the ocean, there was a beautiful plaza with globe in the middle and I jumped to the ocean with the dolphins, it was crystal clear water. Felt so aligned and then on the one of the timelines when I was floating in the space, like I always do, I felt so Fearless, that is the feeling I wish to have in this planet lol. I saw the timelines I wish for, it was just super clear this time. And I got some super ideas for creating my healing city of light here in Florida, beautiful golden labyrinth for children to play hide and seek ... Thank you so much for your work and all you do!!!!!!!"

Andrea, Star Journey # 2

"I have jumped to beautiful beaches in my highest timelines, filled and surrounded by Abundance of all lives speaking Love to each other 💓. In a first frame of the first one there where all the Light Workers of my life, lot of friends, shamans, all together on the beach🙏🏻🌟surrounded by an atmosphere of harmony and calmness.

I have suddenly jumped into a talk with you Natascha and it was very pleasant, as all of us were so warm and kind to each other, very heart centered and wishful to enjoy new conversations with a very open mind and authentic souls smiles ☺️🌈🌸. There are people jumping from one tree to another on their rocking chair on which they are doing their daily practice like in the movie The Green Planet!

I am so pure at soul, blonde, wavy hair, with blue eyes, always smiling and very high vibrant, more male looking 🙂. Actually I am definetely looking as an Angel on Earth, like I have been thousands of years ago in Lemuria, shining my Light through Truth and courage from every breath..

Well, as we can tell the time is not linear, this amazing reality might have been a powerful frame of the Circle in which I have suddenly jumped in again. Past, present, future, all connected 🔥.. and yes... that partying atmosphere is also the wish of limitless joy after the neverending victory of Light on our beautiful Divine Mother Gaia 🌍✨💓.

I am so Grateful for this marvellous experience for which I thank you again deeply 💜. We can now apply it wherever also in our spiritual practice, as for me it is now also pure amplified prayer for the highest timeline finally connected to the potent concrete view, feel, perception, living, of what it is, of what is going to be💓💫.

THANK YOU Natascha 🙏🏻🔥💓💫🌸"

Emanuela, Star Journey # 2

"This was an amazing journey to my orange andromedan planet. I was blond, blue-grey eyes and almost invisible, floating around with my angel wings . I seem to be a connector between beautiful beings, plants and animals .

So grateful . Thank you, bless you. "

Ellen, Netherlands , Star Journey # 1

" Thank you so much for the workshop, I thought it was fantastic! The energies were amazing 🤩 personally, I felt an energy shift so a big thank you  I look forward to listening again and experiencing that wonderful energy!

 I only found your videos a few weeks ago and they are brilliant, thank you for your work! I resonate with the Pleiades and I found your videos so helpful and informative."

Michelle, Star Journey # 2

"Thank you for the mp3's. Definitely will download them 

It was a fantastic journey. The methods and step by step techniques are very effective and surreal. 

I visioned myself living my dream life in the mountains, doing the work that I love, and living healthy life and healthy body. I also saw myself as a healer, a herbalist. I have the freedom, peace of mind, safety and abundance visualised through this journey.

Thank you Cosmic Empress for your guidance and support. Much love! "

Luna A., Star Journey # 2